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Chiller & Heater System

Chiller & Heater System

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  1. Active Aqua Water Chillers

    Active Aqua Water Chillers

    Starting at: $314.75

    Ideal to keep hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature. Microcomputer control system and LCD display, very user friendly. Freon free, environmentally friendly (R134a). Learn More
  2. Aqua Heat Titanium Water Heater

    Aqua Heat Titanium Water Heater

    Starting at: $28.50

    Heater tube is fully submersible Automatic electronic heater Double heating tube Very durable and reliable Easy temperature controlIdeal for saltwater & freshwater Temp range: 68°F (20°C) to 93°F (34°C) One year warranty Learn More
  3. Ecoplus Water Chillers

    Ecoplus Water Chillers

    Starting at: $344.85

    The EcoPlus® Chillers are suitable for use in reservoirs, hydroponic systems & fresh or saltwater aquariums. Each chiller provides a high performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. High quality made compressor is extremely efficient and reliable. The micro computer with digital LCD display allows for easy operation. Use with a pump filter bag. Learn More
  4.  Hydro Innovations Cool Coil

    Hydro Innovations Cool Coil

    A 12" stainless steel coil that is designed to be used with a water-cooled system. Chilled fresh water is pumped through the coil which should be submerged in the nutrient reservoir. The fresh water used to cool the reservoir does not mix with the water in the reservoir. Learn More

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